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Tall Penguin Athletic Socks

Penguin Over the Calf SocksIt's basically impossible not to like penguins. They're so cute and playful as they waddle about on ice. And if you're as big of a penguins fan as we are - or if your team mascot is a penguin - you definitely need a pair of Penguin Over the Calf Socks from Absolute Sport Socks. In fact, you may be so happy with your penguin athletic socks that you'll want to do your own version of March of the Penguins when you have these happy penguin socks on your feet. These white socks include penguin details in green, gold, blue or pink. Choose a color that coordinates with your uniform or wardrobe or simply the one you think looks best. We recommend the knee-high socks for sports like volleyball, softball and soccer, but they also work well for additional team sports or simply lounging around the house. Absolute Sport Socks carries Penguin Over the Calf Socks for both children and adults.

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