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Puppy Pattern Athletic Socks

Puppy Over the Calf SocksBoth dog and cat people alike will be able to appreciate the Puppy Over the Calf Socks from Absolute Sport Socks in part because they are so darn cute. Like a pet store or an adorable viral video, these puppy socks are positively covered in dogs from toe to knee. What's more, the Puppy Over the Calf Socks come in a huge range of color options, including green, pink, gold, blue, orange, purple and red. That makes it incredibly easy to coordinate your look with whatever else you're wearing. These knee-high socks are a great option for the pet lover that would bring his or her dog out onto the field or court with them if they could. They're also a terrific choice for teams with dog mascots like bulldogs. Shop Absolute Sport Socks for Puppy Over the Calf Socks in both youth and adult sizes.

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