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Monkey Face Sport Socks

Monkey Face Over the Calf SocksWe're not - wait for it - monkeying around when we tell you that the Monkey Face Over the Calf Socks from Absolute Sport Socks are perhaps among the most fun socks we sell. These monkey soccer socks certainly don't take themselves too seriously and let you easily communicate that to the world about yourself as well. The happy monkeys on these socks make for a totally unique design that is available in green, pink, gold, purple, red or blue. Choose your favorite color and you're off to the races in these incredibly comfortable softball socks. But you can also wear these knee-high socks for many other team sports, as well as simply for fun. In fact, we wouldn't blame you if you never wanted to take them off period. Find the Monkey Face Over the Calf Socks at Absolute Sport Socks in youth and adult sizes.

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