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Squiggley Pattern Sport Socks

Squigley Pattern Over the Calf SocksYour opponents may start getting very sleepy when you step out onto the field or court in a pair of Squiggly Pattern Over the Calf Socks from Absolute Sport Socks. These socks are covered in a fun albeit mesmerizing squiggly design from toe to knee. The design itself, which is repeated over and over, is perhaps reminiscent of the top of a column in an ancient Greek temple, or something along those lines. Choose from bold color combinations like black, green, pink, red and blue on black and white backgrounds. Our Squiggly Pattern Over the Calf Socks are one of the most dynamic soccer socks patterns we carry. But, please note, this style is available in adult sizes only. The knee-high length makes the Squiggly Pattern Over the Calf Socks ideal for team sports with shin guards, but the attractive nature may compel you to wear them off the field and court as well.

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