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Killer Spike Sublimated Volleyball Crew Sport Socks / MultiColor

Killer Spike Sublimated Volleyball Crew Sport Socks / MultiColor
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Made in USA
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These eye catching sport socks are made using sublimation which uses a specific types of ink/dye along with a heat press in order to create such a detailed and perfect result. It is the transition of a substance directly from the solid to the gas phase with out going through an intermediate liquid phase meaning it uses an endothermic process in which energy is absorbed in the form of heat. The sublimation process makes socks so much more customizable and vibrant. Feeling soft to the touch with no interruption to the pattern when the sock is stretched! These awesome socks feature a multi color tye dyed background with skeleton volleyball players. / Polyester, Nylon, Cotton & Spandex Blend / Made with pride in the USA / Available in Adult Size Medium 9-11 (Fits ladies shoe size 5-10 or mens shoe size 4.5 to 8.5 / Adult Size Large 10-13 (Fits ladies shoe size 11 -12 or mens shoe size 9-12.5)

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